Winter Storage Agreement

Monadnock Boat Store is a full-service dealer and can winterize any marine engine.  Winterization services include, haul out, engine winterization, shrink wrapping and storage.  We winterize using all OEM parts for your engine.  Engine winterization includes oil and filter change, lower lube change, inspection of oils for water intrusion, fuel filter change, fuel stabilization, engine fogging and replacement of engine block water with non-toxic -50° below antifreeze.  Shrinkwrapping is done using 7 mil shrink wrap film, the heaviest in the industry for the small boat market.  Once wrapped the boat is vented to keep moisture buildup from occurring.  If you do not have a place to store it securely for the winter, we have almost 7 acres of gated storage space between the 2 locations to keep your boat safe.